“An Artist should have spirit, a clean spirit.

Because the artist needs qualities to help him escape away from time and space whenever these factors harm his art “

       Eduardo Bonilla is an artist with spirit, therefore he is able to cross over his own social and human limits in order to create without pressures or ties imposed by society and life.


Unpublished Chapters – Detail

                            Symbols, textures, colors, dimensions, lines, circles, spheres… geometrical shapes with right angles or amorphous spaces. All arranged in a way that depicts life in any form: elements are placed to give a message of LIFE. Some surfaces might give a sensation of ageless or timeless atmosphere and some pieces might make us feel emotions and sensations that we probably have never felt in a while…

Colors are immediately engaging, attractive, even and yet, get closer, and the colors are not as simple as you might have first thought; color has depth, texture, complexity.

The expression may not be literal or figurative, it may be beyond language, but it is certainly complex. His paintings are complex in their technique, this complexity is not forbidding or off-putting, however.

There is always something concrete to hang your thought and attention on: the shape of a face, a horizon, doors, ladders, stairs, pools, moons…
There is always something offering you a place from which to start, to begin to think about, to think in.

Through his works, EDUARDO BONILLA invites us to know his journey on his search in life  a search in which life itself is the main character.

  Collaboration by James Bandy  private art collector

worlds within worlds

The process of making Art

or the process of letting art getting into our senses,

allows the connection with the Universe;

This might happen in its infinite wholeness

or in its minimal earthly expression.



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